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Sarofim School of 精美艺术

该 Sarofim School of 精美艺术 at 西南 University offers a world-class arts education w这里 students work closely with award-winning faculty in the areas of 艺术史, 音乐, 艺术工作室 and 剧院. 

西南 University is one of only a handful of undergraduate liberal arts universities that support a separate school of fine arts. We believe in enrolling students who are engaged learners, ready to grow both in and out of the classroom和 eager to explore new regions of thought and creative expression. A Sarofim major is coupled with an engaging and diverse curriculum. 

Our programs lead to the BA in 艺术工作室, 艺术史, 音乐剧院, as well as the BFA in 艺术工作室 and the BMus in 音乐.  We also provide programs to minor in architecture and design.  All are designed to prepare graduates for a variety of paths in and out of the arts: teaching, professional work, or graduate school.

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Featured 校友 Stories

Director of the Sarofim School of 精美艺术 Administration

Laura Sewell ’95 Connects as an Alumna and Staff Member

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Living 该 Dream

西南 teaches Walker Lukens ’09 how to think and take on new challenges.

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梅根·麦卡蒂 ’09

梅根·麦卡蒂 ’09, Distinguished Young Alumna

A gifted cellist, 梅根·麦卡蒂 ’09 distinguished herself as a 西南 music major by winning the University’s concerto competition, working as special 音乐ological assistant for a series of performances organized through a Mellon Integrated Scholarly Community grant和 becoming the first scholar to recognize the existence of a song cycle by Franz Liszt (1811-1886).

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Juror #3 (Carson Petocz ‘23) and Juror #8 (Abigail Vernier ‘20) go toe-to-toe in a heated debate. Photo by Carlos Barron ‘10.

Twelve Angry Jurors Brings Timeless Debate Back to the Table

Based on the classic Emmy Award-winning television movie by Reginald Rose, this production poses a powerful dialectic for the importance of civil discourse.

Professor of 音乐 Lois Ferrari

西南 Professor of 音乐 Takes Second Place in Two National Awards

Lois Ferrari has been honored twice by 该 American Prize 2018–2019 competitions for her work with the Austin Civic Orchestra.

Julia O'Bryan, Beautiful Brokenness, porcelain and gold leaf, 21

艺术工作室 Major Julia O’Bryan ’19 Wins Prestigious National Award

O’Bryan’s artwork, Beautiful Brokenness, will tour the U.S. in an esteemed exhibition as part of her award from the Kennedy Center VSA Emerging Young Artists with Disabilities Program.